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Employment At a Glance

Interested in finding out more about jobs at VentureSum? Please take a moment to read below about our field auditor position. If you are still interested, click at the end of this page to begin the application process. Please read carefully. We want you to be thoroughly informed about what you are about to get yourself into. We also want you to know that we appreciate your interest in VentureSum!

The Benefits

  • Employee Health Insurance is provided through company contributions. Typically, the amount that the company contributes will cover the entire cost of the employee’s health insurance, but this is dependent on the rate that the underwriter gives us.
  • Employee Family coverage (children and spouse) is also offered, but in most cases, this requires a payroll deduction from the employee to cover the additional family members’ cost.
  • Full details on Insurance Coverage will be provided after the Career Direct Assessment is completed.
  • Life insurance provided by the Company.
  • Disability and Accident insurance with payroll deduction
  • Optional Dental Coverage with payroll deduction
  • Optional Simple IRA (Similar to 401k) with Company matching contributions up 3% of Salary
  • 11 Holidays including 2 at Thanksgiving and 3 at Christmas
  • Company vehicle (typically a 4x4 pickup)
  • All expenses paid by Company Issued Credit Card - Hotel/Food/Gas/Safety/Equipment Expenses/Other Work and Travel Related Expenses
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Option to work extra for extra pay (Overtime is never required)
  • Two Week On/One Week Off schedule is required on some projects
  • Initial Salary of 30k/year during first 30 day evaluation period. Upon successfully passing the 30 day evaluation, salary increases to $40k/year

The Work

In order to start training or to work on any project, you will have to drive somewhere that is not near your home. Pack your bags and be prepared to spend the week nights in a hotel somewhere in the eastern, central, or midwest United States.
As a field auditor, our projects require the employee to use a portable computer mounted in the pickup running proprietary mapping/data collection software with an integrated GPS locating system. Fluency in Microsoft Windows is required. Extensive travel requiring overnight stays is common.

We will map the location of poles to which electric companies have attachments and collect various attributes associated with the poles. The work is spread out over the region with activity occurring around urban and very rural areas.
The work will require the employee to ride from pole to pole and identify the location of each pole based on the electric system maps provided. Many poles are not on the roadside, so a short walk, or hike in some cases, may be required. Obviously, the candidate must be physically fit and able to climb over chain link fences and wooden privacy fences quickly. Many days will be spent on purely rear lot power lines which means climbing fences all day. Typically however, all the lines will be on the street and no fences will need to be climbed.

The Requirements

  • This job requires an extensive amount of travel. We make every attempt to get employees home every weekend, but this does not always happen.
  • The government requires that we use E-Verify to check if you are legally allowed to work in the US.
  • A Pre-employment drug screening and criminal background check are required before employment begins. Additionally, periodic drug screenings are taken on a random basis. Failure to take the test or a failed screening results in immediate dismissal with no consideration for re-hire.
  • A 30 day probationary period will be worked to examine the candidates' ability to perform the work. Reviews will be conducted along the way to asses the candidate’s ability to grasp the data collection process. If at any time during training, the candidate’s improvement plateaus before reaching consistent quality and performance, training will be discontinued and the candidate’s employment terminated.
    • After the 30 day probation period, quality and performance must be maintained. There is no such thing as “Tenured” at VentureSum in the sense that seniority guarantees a position here regardless of performance. Quality of work is our first priority and it will be assessed on a regular basis by project managers and other employees who will perform field QCs on the data that you collect. Poor quality work will jeopardize any employee’s job, regardless of how long they have worked here.

    The Requirements (Continued)

    • The ability to drive a vehicle safely is an integral requirement of this job. That being said, a clean driving record is a MUST. Certainly, a valid US Drivers License is also required.
    • Fluency in Microsoft Windows is required.
    • Candidates who meet the pre-employment requirements (which includes a field test) may get offered the job. Employment at VentureSum is strictly “at will” and may be terminated by either the company or the employee at any time without reason or advance notice.
    • The Good News: A casual conversation with any of our employees will put your mind at ease. If you have what it takes to make it here, you will find this to be a very family friendly, satisfying, and fulfilling career. And we will be super excited to have you on board!

    A Day in the life...

    There are three newsletters on our website that will give you a profile of the day to day operations of a typical employee. The newsletters are called
    These were written by one of our project managers, who lives on the road and writes these accounts from first hand experiences.

    The Travel, the Travel, and the Travel

    If you want to work here, you will have to travel and spend the night out of town…..a lot. Plan to be in a hotel Monday night through Thursday night, every week, every month, every year (except vacation and holidays, of course). On some projects, you will be away from home for 14 days straight with a 7 day break in between.
    If you or your family have any concerns about you being away from home - sometimes far away from home - then you should not apply for this job.

    If you are interested, click here to begin the application process.